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Distribution for Small Press and Independent Publishers



Sandhill specializes in the distribution of small press and independently published titles to book retailers across Canada. We produce colour catalogues twice a year to feature new acquisitions. 


We carry Canadian special interest non-fiction titles on subjects such as cooking, business, travel, railways, aviation, regional guides and more. While we will carry a select few children's titles, we don't distribute fiction or poetry as a general rule. 


The best plan is to email us at (Attn: Acquisitions on Subject line) with a query and description of your book. Include a cover jpg and any information you feel will present your book in its best light, and any media you may have had. If we feel we'd like to see a copy, we'll let you know. We're always on the watch for great new independently published titles for our Sandhill list.

*****Please note we do not distribute US originating titles or POD titles.



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In an ideal world, the sales forces of the book industry are presenting new books to retail buyers long before the books even reach the printing presses. Hard working sales reps are selling the idea of a book and booksellers are placing their orders based mainly on a catalogue image of the book cover, a description (called a “blurb” in book lingo) and the promise of much media to come. In this way, not only can publishers gauge their print runs to some extent, but they also have confirmed sales in advance of the finished product. This means cash back in the bank within a known period of time. Distributors...

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